So, you just had a HEART ATTACK?

I am pictured (above) at Cardiac Rehab, on a treadmill, wearing my exterior defibrillator in the first two months of my recovery.

When I started the super blog in September 2014, dealing with issues related to the heart: fear, depression, anger, etc. I had no idea that just two years later I would experience a massive heart attack, and that the cardiac care I mused about metaphorically would become a literal concern for me at such a young age. It was a surprise to me, my family, and all my friends.

If you care to read the description of my experience you can do so at the link by reading “The Making of a Widow” (Parts 1 – 5) and “The New Abnormal” that follows those five parts.

As I write today I am almost 3 months away from that fateful event, still in cardiac rehab and recovery, and still unsure of all the ways my life is going to change in the near future. But change it will. You are, no doubt, experiencing that change as well.

Heart attack was not in my playbook, not a part of my master plan. Oh, I figured that in another 20 years or so it might it me due to old age. But now? No way!

Guess what? My playbook wasn’t consulted; that much is clear! Can you say the same?

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