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If you are reading this you must be interested in the subject of heart attack. That may be because you have experienced a heart attack, or someone close to you has experienced a heart attack. In either event, you are welcome to visit as often as you like; new entries will be forthcoming on a regular basis.

I had a heart attack around 2:30 AM on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. It came as a complete surprise, with no clear warning signals or symptoms. I was in the last month of my 62nd year, in ostensibly good physical condition; a regular exerciser with a better than average physique for my age.

My myocardial infarction happened because of a 100% blockage in the LAD (left anterior descending) artery, the infamous widow maker. I survived, of course, and am in recovery now.

This blog contains my experience as a heart patient. I welcome comments and questions from those experiencing the same or similar experiences, and from those giving the much needed support to heart patients.


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Business As Usual?

It’s been almost 10 months since my life-threatening heart attack. And although I never feel like I did before the damage was done to my heart, there are times (when I am not exerting myself) wherein I can’t distinguish between the “before” and the “after.” It’s almost like it never happened. In those times I … Continue reading Business As Usual?


No one can attend 12 step recovery meetings for very long without hearing this quotation from the AA Big Book: “And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today.” That is where I continue to struggle right now in recovery from my heart attack. There are things I can no longer do physically, and … Continue reading Acceptance

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